Upholstery Cleaning

Make Upholstery Stains Disappear

Make Upholstery Stains Disappear

Trust us for upholstery cleaning service in Jacksonville, FL

You try to keep your upholstered sofa clean, but sometimes things just happen. Your kid might've spilled juice, or your friend might've elbowed a glass of wine in your hand.

When your upholstery has been stained, you can turn to On The Spot Carpet Cleaning for an effective upholstery cleaning service. Our local team will take care of upholstery in your home or business in Jacksonville, FL. Call 904-370-3391 right away for a free estimate on your furniture stain removal service.

Need more than a little stain removal?

Maybe you have a piece of furniture that's more dusty or musty than stained. In a case like this, you'll need a different upholstery cleaning service than a furniture stain removal service. Our company can clean your furniture thoroughly. We'll handle it safely while extracting dust, dirt and allergens. Take advantage of our upholstery cleaning service right away to make your old furniture look, feel and even smell new.